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I just wanted to say i worked for this company in 2010 to 2012 and in my 30 years of plumbing they are in my top 3 of quality craftsmanship shops
JL hand selects the finest of plumbers and if you have the skills its a great shop to work for
Skilled trades are not cheap
And cheap trades are not skilled
Sincerely steve carlson Minnesota and north Dakota
Master plumber

Steve C.


The gentleman that came and fixed my heating system today was awesome!

Jacie P.


Bozeman P&H, JL Hansen, and Jeff Reed did a great job for us. We needed a plumber who understood a dual boiler system that stages and Jeff was the man! Thank you JL and Jeff. We look forward to working with you again in the future.

Matson R


I have lived in Bozeman over 5 years and used another plumbing company. Recently I had an issue and when I called JL to explain my issue we made an appointment and Joe came out and solved my problem the other company could not. And Joe also practiced all safe techniques with mask, gloves and social distancing. I am happy to say I have a NEW plumber for my home in Bozeman! Thank you!

Ann L


The owner was responsive and got back to us. It's nice when you get a call back In bozeman where it's really busy,

Dawson D